Good day stranger!

Want to sync all your anime in your history over the Great! I'll do just that.

Please follow the steps below to complete the authorization and start your sync!

MAL Auth
Login into MAL.
trakt Auth
Login into trakt.
Prepare sync
Specify options.

Click the button below to prompt the authorization for me to update your list. You'll be asked to allow access; click Allow *duh*.

As of now you have to grant access everytime you want to sync as I'm not maintaining a database of all users and their keys.

Status, 9/22

Import still TBD.
Planned to later on also support other sites than MAL.
trakt is still migrating from TVDB to TMDB as a data source which means some shows display seasons differently now. I do try to catch these but I will most likely miss it for anything I've not watched myself. A big bulk is also bound to missmatch once the omnious "list" of shows they wanna merge through the admin gets processed. If you see repeat show syncs with way more episodes than on MAL this is the cause. Feel free to message me for a fix.

Here are some things to note:

The higher episode count wins.
Content excluded from sync:
Specials and OVAs.
Long running shounen titles split across multiple seasons not fitting their respective MAL entry(ies).
Movies entries which are actually multiple OVA episodes.
Ratings (optional) will be overwritten to as they're on trakt (if rated there).
If no individual season ratings were set it will fallback to the show rating.

For this to work I had to manually map each trakt entry (incl. seasons) to it's MAL counterpart. This can and never will be complete. If you're curious please see the index of what will work with the sync:

I also made a browser extension based on the index. It will add external links on trakt to various anime databases. Feel free to check it out! (The previous user script is not developed anymore!)

aniTrakt Extension