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anitrakt is a simple browser based tool aims to keep your anime profiles (currently limited to up to date based on your history.

While they goal is to bring over as much of your show and movie data as possible, this cannot be done entirely given the difference of their structure (individual shows versus single season entries).

Here are some things to note before you start:

The higher episode count wins

If you've registered more episodes on the target site no update to it will be made.

Ratings (opt-in) will be set to as they're on trakt

If you've rated a show on trakt it will overwrite the existing one.

The season rating will be used for each individual entry if present and otherwise fall back to the show level. This might lead to some unexpected scores but you'll be shown all updates and you can easily adjust them with another rerun.

Certain content is intentionally not included in the sync

Movies entries which are actually multiple OVA episodes.
→ TMDb follows the first released format, and does not allow "duplicated" content between the Movie and TV Show sections. People tend to readded this stuff despite being invalid. It can sometimes also take them a while to correct things (eg. Battle Angel Alita which was recut as a Movie for the US but was actually a two episode OVA in Japan).

Episodes in the "Special" Seasons (which are mostly indivudual OVAs or specials)
→ Frankly this would require a lot of additional effort for very little gain and the Episodes within tend to be moved around or be removed due to not being the proper specials anyways.

Shounen titles split across artificial/arc seasons not fitting their respective anime DB entry
→ TMDb still has a lot of legacy splits in shounen seasons according to story arcs given the nature of their data origin (which was heavily influenced by TVDB which in the past couldn't handle big seasons). They have a master list where they put the shows on that need the seasons combined, unfortunatly that one has been mostly dormant in the last couple of years.
Once they do the necessairy adjustements they can be added to the index here.
Keep in mind the changes happen kinda random so those might actually also break stuff with the sync. Please let me know if you encounter this!
Example shows still not merged:
Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, HunterxHunter (2011), One Piece...

The Index

To match up trakt's data to the anime databases we have to manually link the IDs together. Due to the nature of this it there will never be a complete index and it's bound to have occassional gaps due to sometimes changing metadata on TMDb or incompabible content.

The index of the mapping table can be viewed below:

anitrakt Extenstion

I also made a browser extension based on the index. It will add external links on to various anime databases (MAL, kitsu, Anilist, anidb).
Feel free to check it out! (Firefox port tbd.)

anitrakt Extension (Chrome)

Status Update 4/23
  • Apparently movie sync wasn't active anymore. Fixed.
  • Improved split cour handling. Should work for some additional seasons now!
  • Changed landing page to allow for more future flexibility.